What to do after you are in Canada

  1. Within 10 days, you'll receive a letter from RIV with your inspection document (Form 2) which details what must be done to bring your vehicle into compliance.
  2. It is your responsibility to complete the necessary modifications within 45 days. You may have the modifications done by the mechanic or garage of your choice. However, we recommend that you contact the Original Equipment Manufacturer to discuss appropriate parts or warranty issues. Make sure you keep receipts for parts and labour, to present at the inspection, along with Form 1, Form 2 and the recall clearance letter.
  3. The RIV has contracted with Canadian Tire, with 430 locations across Canada, to perform the federal inspections. In many cases, Canadian Tire can perform certain modification work, as well as performing the provincial inspection.
  4. When you pass the inspection, the inspection center will stamp your Form 1, that you will have to present to the provincial or territorial licensing authority, which may require additional testing.
  5. Within approximately one week of passing the federal inspection, RIV will send you a new Canadian Certification label with instructions on where to affix it to your vehicle.
  6. If the vehicle fails the inspection, you'll have to pay additional charges for another inspection. If the vehicle cannot pass the inspection within the 45 days, it will have to be exported back to the United States.
  7. If you are having trouble meeting the 45-day deadline or other questions, RIV may be able to help. Call RIV at 1-888-848-8240.




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