Southern Auto Transport Services, Inc. assists you with all of the forms necessary for your cross border moves. Please select the packet below that matches you type of move:

Downloadable paperwork and forms (in Adobe Acrobat/PDF format)

Please select the proper packet for your move:

  1. Snowbird - Canada To US
  2. Snowbird - US To Canada
  3. Immigrating
  4. Military

Miscellaneous Forms

  1. Shipping Order
  2. Declaration For Free Entry Of Unaccompanied Articles - 3299
  3. EPA Declaration Form
  4. USDOT HS-7
  5. Statement of Intents
  6. Brochure On Importing A Vehicle Into Canada
  7. List of Admissible Vehicles Into Canada
  8. RecallLetter.xlsRecall Letter Contact List (Excel format)

Step By Step Instructions On Importing A Vehicle Into Canada

  1. What to do before you import
  2. What you will do at the border
  3. What you will do after you are in Canada
  4. Telephone Numbers

Helpful Links for Canada to US Moves

Helpful Links for US to Canada Moves

  • Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
    Outlines customs requirements for importation of vehicles
  • Registrar of Imported Vehicles
    The Registrar of Imported Vehicles works on behalf of Transport Canada and can provide a list of admissible or inadmissible vehicles
  • Transport Canada
    The federal regulatory agency for vehicle safety




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