1. Q. How long does it take?
    Our normal transit time is 5 to 10 days. Transit time is when a car is loaded onto a car carrier heading toward it delivery location. Transit time varies depending on delivery service chosen by the customer. Ex: door-to-door vs. terminal-to-terminal service.
  2. Q. How does it work?
    First fill out online quote form or call. Once your order has been placed, your shipment will be scheduled using the number on your quote form. In order to guarantee booking, you must email or fax your order form, along with the initial deposit. After a truck has been assigned, you will get a call from us in order to schedule a pick-up/delivery time. The carrier will complete a detailed physical inspection of the car on a Bill of Lading upon arrival, which you must sign and acknowledge. This same Bill of Lading will be presented at the delivery location for re-inspection of the car for any discrepancies. All discrepancies must be noted on the Bill of Lading at the time of delivery and have the driver sign in agreement. No claims will be honored if the damages are not noted at time of delivery and acknowledged by the driver.
  3. Q. What kind of truck will my vehicle be transported on?
    In most cases, your vehicle(s) will be transported on a 7-car carrier, because it gives us the ability to provide door-to-door service to difficult locations. In other cases, your vehicle(s) will be transported on 8- to 10-car carriers, the same trucks used to delivery new cars to your local dealerships. These trucks are 75 to 80 feet long and are 13'6 feet high; therefore they are restricted to main roads, streets without low hanging trees, and bridges. In some cases, we will recommend enclosed transporting for exotic cars and motorcycles. This type of transporting guarantees your vehicle is protected from the elements (ex: snow, rain, hail, rocks, etc.).

    If your vehicle(s) is inoperable, salvage or oversize, it will be transported on a special flatbed which is equipped with winches to pull your vehicle(s) onto the trailer. All in-op or salvage units must be accessible in order for us to load it onto the transport trailer. If the vehicle is not accessible, a local towing company will be used and an additional charge will be applied.
  4. Q. What does door-to-door mean?
    The transporter will pick up your vehicle from a location closest to your home or business and deliver your vehicle as close as physically possible to your chosen delivery location (ex: local malls, supermarkets, plaza, parking lots, etc.).
  5. Q. What does door-to-terminal mean?
    Your vehicle will be picked up either from your home/business, or a location of your choice, and will be delivered to one of our many secured terminal facilities nearest you. You will then be required to pickup your vehicle from our secured terminal.
  6. Q. What does terminal-to-door mean?
    We require that you bring your vehicle to our secured terminal facility at your convenience. We will then transport your vehicle as close as physically possible to your chosen delivery location.
  7. Q. What does terminal-to-terminal mean?
    We require that you bring your vehicle to our secured terminal facility at your convenience. We will then transport your vehicle to our secured terminal nearest you. You will then be required to pickup your vehicle from our secured terminal.
  8. Q. What about insurance?
    We understand that the automobile you drive is one of your largest investments, so making sure that investment is fully protected should be one of the most important steps in choosing a transport company. Southern Auto Transport, Inc. is fully insured and licensed. Most companies say they are licensed and provide cargo and liability insurance, but who really knows. Are you just going to trust them?
    We provide our customers with proof of insurance. We go a step further to supply our customers with the agency's contact numbers. This will allow you to verify our information.
  9. Q. Will my vehicle get transported to a terminal?
    Your vehicle will not get transported to a terminal – only if you choose that service. However, in some cases were the transporter has restricted access into pickup or delivery locations or scheduling conflicts which may arise, terminals will then be used. All terminals used are secured, licensed and insured.
  10. Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
    Southern Auto Transport, Inc. accepts cash, company checks, money orders, and cashier checks. All funds must clear our account prior to the scheduled pickup. Usually, a minimum deposit of $150.00 is required to initiate and reserve your order. You cannot withhold or deduct monies from the amount to cover damages that may have occurred in transit. All claims are handled separately once the auto transporter has received the signed Bill of Lading noting the damages.

Transport Tips

When preparing your vehicle for transporting, there some simple steps you can take to ensure problem free transporting:

  1. We urge you not to store personal items in your vehicle for transporting. We are not licensed to transport household goods.
  2. In order for our drivers to properly inspect your vehicle, it must be clean and free of snow at time of pickup. If the vehicle is too dirty or snow covered to inspect, you will be asked to sign that the car is shipped "AS IS", or you will need to wash it and drop it at our terminal for proper inspection. Shipping the car "AS IS" means Southern Auto Transport, Inc.’s assigned carriers, and terminals will not be liable for any damage claims.
  3. Please do not leave keys on fancy or irreplaceable keychains.
  4. Please limit the gas in your tank to 1/4 of a tank to decrease weight on the truck.
  5. Anything packed inside your car that is not part of factory installed equipment is shipped at your own risk. We shall not assume responsibility for car phones; car phone antennas, radar detectors or personal items packed in vehicle. These should be removed prior to shipping. All installed car phones should be locked. Non-retractable antennas should be unscrewed and placed in vehicle prior to shipping.
  6. Southern Auto Transport, Inc.’s payment policy allows you to pay cash, money order, company or cashiers checks. Balance of payment is due when vehicle is being picked-up or, under special circumstances, payment on delivery may be arranged. All payments on delivery must be money order, or certified check. If you wish to pay by company check, such funds must be received prior to shipping the vehicle. Southern Auto Transport, Inc. will fax/email you an invoice.




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